The correct title of Jijang Bosal’s Dharani to remove fixed karma

Jijang Bosal’s Dharani for Eliminating Fixed Karma:

滅 定 業 陀羅尼
멸 정 업 다라니
myeor jeong eob darani

Literal translation: destroy fixed karma dharani

The commonly encountered “myor op chang darani” is almost certainly wrong. This appears to be a mistake due to the mantra with a similar title associated with Kwanseum Bosal:

滅 業 障 眞言
멸 업 장 진언
myeor eob jang jinon

Literal translation: destroy karma obstacles mantra

“Mistake, doesn’t matter. Only make correct.”
Zen Master Seung Sahn (Primary Point VOLUME THREE, NUMBER 3 OCTOBER 1986)

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