Sino-Korean resources!

“Definify” has an excellent search function and many Chinese characters have the Romaja and Hangeul. For example, here is the entry for “寺” (temple, sa, 사):寺?q=寺

“SayJack” needs a better search function. But it is a gold mine for both Hanja and Hangeul:

• I use wiktionary heavily. Almost every single Chinese character has a very helpful “Korean” sub-entry. Here’s the one for “十” (십, ship, ten)十#Korean

Korean Reader for Chinese Characters (KLEAR Textbooks in Korean Language, 10) Bilingual Edition
by Choon-Hak Cho, Yeon-ja Sohn, Heisoon Yang

• Someone went to the trouble to create a Memrise course for the above book. I highly recommend it!!

•Speaking of Memrise, I am in the process of creating a course with all the Hanja (and components) from the Heart Sutra:

Chinese Character Cognates: 808 Common Hanzi Kanji & Hanja with online pronunciation guide for Mandarin Japanese & Korean
by Joon Geem

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