“Carefree”: A line from the Morning Bell Chant (物物拈來無罣礙)

物物拈來無罣礙 물물염래무가애 mul mul yeom rae mu ga ae everything moves freely and spontaneously without the slightest hindrance (very free english paraphrase) 物物拈來 are the first four characters of the poem “恣逍遥” by Wang Zhe (1112-1170). 物物拈來,般般打破。 (everything moves freely and spontaneously, the truth is constantly revealed) 惺惺用,玉匙金鎖。 (softly, softly, the jade key, the golden […]

Meditation and Devotion (Lama Zhang Rinpoche)

“In Tibet these days, some instructions advise that meditation is to remain in equipoise on emptiness. Some say that meditation is to rest in the clarity of mind, and some say that meditation is to abide in bliss. There are so many different instructions on the ways to meditate. But for me, there is no more profound way to meditate than through devotion (mogu; mos gus; མོས་གུས). Yet these days there are few that believe it is possible to be liberated through the power of devotion.”
Lama Zhang Rinpoche (1122–93)