Getting Hold of the Ox

得牛序四 竭盡神通獲得渠   心強力壯卒難除 有時纔到高原上   又入烟雲深處居 Catching the Ox He expends all strength to take the ox. But willful and strong, it won’t soon be broken. As soon as he gains the high ground, it vanishes once more deep into the mist. [Translation by Victor Sogen Hori:] 竭 jié exhaust; use up 盡 jìn end; […]

Searching for the Ox (尋 牛)

The first Ox Herding Picture is “Searching for the Ox” (尋 牛) 忙 忙 撥 草 去 追 尋 busy busy pulling grass go chase search 水 闊 山 遙 路 更 深 water wide mountain distant path deeper 力 盡 神 疲 無 處 覔 strength finish spirit tired no place [left to] seek […]