Ashvaghosha’s Sharing of Merit (from The Awakening of Faith)

我今已解釋, 甚深廣大義, 功德施群生, 令見真如法。 我 I 今 now 已 finished 解釋 discourse , 甚深 incredibly profound甚深 廣 wide, vast 大義 great significance , 功德 merit 施 spread 群生 all beings , 令見 let/make someone see 真 truth 如法 according to the dharma 。

A Sino-Korean Diamond Sutra Gatha Chant

geu-eum gang ban ya ba ra mil gyeong. bul
chwi eo sang yeo yeo bu dong ha i go
il che yu wi beop yeo mong hwan po yeong
yeo ro yeong nyeo jeon eung jang nyeo si gwan
Diamond Prajna Paramita Sutra. Not
dependent on appearances, and also not moving. Why?
All impermanent dharmas like dream phantom bubble shadow,
like dew also like lightning, should constructed like this perceive.