Great Compassion Mantra in Siddham: Aksharamukha: Script Converter: Proposal to Encode the Siddham Script in ISO/IEC 10646 by Anshuman Pandey: The Siddham script (Chi. 悉曇文字 xītán wénzì; Jap. 悉曇 shittan; Kor. 실담 siltam) is a Brahmi-based script historically used for writing Sanskrit in China, Japan, and Korea. It is also known in […]

Kwan Seum Bosal Chanting Part Five: “Misfortune is derived from the mind and is extinguished by the mind”

Introduction Up to this point we have (1) taken refuge in the Triple Gem, (2) called upon the name of Kwan Seum Bosal, (3) recited Kwan Seum Bosal’s mantra for eliminating “karmic obstructions”, and (4) recited the mantra for achieving our “great aspiration” as Bodhisattvas. It’s a hard act to follow! The fifth part of […]

True Words (眞言)

Please note: this is just a jumbled brain dump of materials related to various mantras and dharanis ………………………….. Gwanseeum’s Mantra for Extirpating Karmic Hindrances (觀世音菩薩滅業障眞言) 唵    阿    嚕    勒    繼    娑    婆    訶 om   a     ro  reuk gye   sa     ba   ha Jijang Bodhisattva’s Mantra for Eliminating […]

om ah hum

oṃ āḥ hūṃ 唵 阿 吽 ॐ आः हूँ A short and sweet article at the Samye Institute: Oṃ āḥ hūṃ: The Three Syllables Another good article at VisibleMantra.Org: The Seed Syllable āḥ – and oṃ āḥ hūṃ

“… a determined, optimistic attitude ….”

Because ignorance and wisdom are diametrically opposed in the way they apprehend phenomena and because ignorance is an erroneous consciousness, wisdom can overcome ignorance. When ignorance is uprooted, all the afflictions that depend on it also cease. Other counterforces do not have the ability to eliminate ignorance but are applied to individual afflictions. Since cultivating […]