The Jijang Bosal Book Club

The is the “Master” page for everything related to the “Jijang Bosal Book Club”. This reading/discussion group will meet twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays, starting at 7pm on March 14.

We will be reading and discussing four books related to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, known as Jijang Bosal to Korean Buddhists (and as Jizo in Japan and Dizang to Mandarin speakers).

“Practicing the Vow of Samantabhadra” (普賢行願品)

若 人 誦 此 普 賢 願,
Ruo Ren Song Ci Pu Xian Yuan
if people recite this Samantabhadra Vow
If one recites these vows of Samantabhadra,
我 說 少 分 之 善 根,
Wo Shuo Shao Fen Zhi Shan Gen
our recitation little portion virtuous indriya (spiritual faculty)
With just a small portion of one’s wholesome roots,
一 念 一 切 悉 皆 圓,
Yi Nian Yi Qie Xi Jie Yuan
one thought everything all without exception complete
All will be perfected in a single thought,
成 就 眾 生 清 淨 願。
Cheng Jiu Zhong Sheng Qing Jing Yuan
achieve all sentient beings pure vows
And thus fulfill the pure vows of sentient beings.