The Jijang Bosal Book Club

The is the main page for everything related to the “Jijang Bosal Book Club”. This reading/discussion group will meet twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays, starting at 7pm on March 14.

If you want to register for the class (in order to participate in the classes rather than just watch the recorded classes later on youtube) you need to register at my Patreon page:

And here is a PowerPoint file with a preview of the class:

Jijang Bosal Class Preview (PPT)

We will be reading and discussing four books related to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, known as Jijang Bosal to Korean Buddhists (and as Jizo in Japan, and Dizang to Mandarin speakers).

Here are the books in the order we’ll be reading them:

1. The Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra 地藏菩薩本願經
Also recommended is the commentary by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

2. The Making of a Savior Bodhisattva: Dizang in Medieval China by Zhiru Ng

3. Living Karma – The Religious Practices Of Ouyi Zhixu by Beverly Foulks McGuire

4. The Scripture on the Ten Kings and the Making of Purgatory in Medieval Chinese Buddhism by Stephen F. Teiser

From Master Hsuan Hua’s Commentary:

Why the name “Earth Store”? Earth nurtures the growth of all things, and “Store” refers to treasure troves—all the treasure troves are in the ground. “Store” can also mean “to keep hidden”, i.e., “to keep from view.” All the treasure troves are hidden from view underground. The earth can grow the myriad things; it can also keep the myriad things hidden—buried underground.

Like the great earth, this Bodhisattva is able to make the myriad things grow. Like the great earth, he has endless, boundless treasure troves in the ground for people to uncover. Those who believe in this Bodhisattva are entitled to the treasures within. Anything [you can think of] can be found in these treasure troves, and there is something to suit everyone’s fancy: all the precious diamonds, gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, mother-of-pearl, to name a few.

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