“supposing we practice without results” (設行不得)

設行不得ㆍ 不失善種ㆍ 猶成來世ㆍ 積習勝緣。故唯心訣云ㆍ「聞而不信ㆍ 尙結佛種之因ㆍ 學而未成ㆍ 猶盖人天之福。」由是觀之ㆍ不論末法與正法時殊ㆍ 不憂自心昧之與明。但生仰信之心ㆍ 隨分修行ㆍ以結正因ㆍ 遠離怯弱。當知。世樂非久ㆍ正法難聞ㆍ豈可因循虛送人生。

設 supposing
行 practice
不 not, without
得 results

不 not
失 forget
善種 wholesome seeds

猶 yet
成 attain, accomplish
來世 in the future

積習 habit, longstanding practice
勝緣 superior conditions

故 therefore
唯心訣 Weixin jue, “Secrets on Mind-Only”
云 says
ㆍ「聞而不信ㆍ 尙結佛種之因ㆍ 學而未成ㆍ 猶盖人天之福。」
“Hearing [the dharma] even without faith still fructifies into the seed of buddhahood. Training even without success is still superior to the merit of humans and divinities.”

由是 because of this
觀之 this view (perceive this)

不論 regardless
末法 final dharma
與 rather than
正法 correct dharma
時 season
殊 different

不 not
憂 grief, sadness
自 self
心 mind
昧 ignorant, stupid
之 this?
與 rather than
明 bright

但 only
生 birth, “give rise to”
仰信 reverent faith
之心 mind of

隨分 according to one’s ability
修行 cultivate practice

以 therefore
結 bear fruit, “fructify”
正因 right causes

遠離 leave far behind
怯弱 timidity, faintheartedness

當知 it should be understood

世樂 worldly pleasures
非久 do not endure

正法 correct dharma
難 difficult
聞 hear

豈可 how is it possible
因循 act according to habit
虛 false, worthless
送 present, gift
人生 human birth

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