The Four Great Vows, Lesson One

This class has already occurred. You can download the detailed lesson plan that was used in the class here (choose PDF, Word or LibreOffice format):
PDF: LessonOneOverview-PDF
Word (.docx) format: LessonOneOverview-Word-4
LibreOffice (.odt) format: LessonOneOverviewLibre-3

The video for the class has been uploaded to youtube. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the link.

What was covered in the class:
4 new characters: 四 弘 誓 願
23 new components: 囗 儿弓厶 折言扌斤亠二口丶一 原頁厂白小自八丿日目

  • New Character: 四 (囗 儿)
    • New Components: 囗 儿
  • New Character: 弘 (弓厶)
    • New Components: 弓 厶
  • New Character: 誓 (折言扌斤亠二口丶一)
    • New Components: 折 言 扌 斤 亠 二 口 丶 一
    • Decomposition: 誓 = 折 + 言
      • 折 = 扌 + 斤
      • 言 = 亠 + 二 + 口
        • 亠 = 丶 + 一
  • New Character: 願 (原頁厂白小一自八丿日目)
    • New Components: 原 頁 厂 白 小 自 八 丿 日 目
    • Decomposition: 願 = 原 + 頁
      • 原 = 厂 + 白 + 小
      • 頁 = 一 + 自 + 八
        • 白 = 丿 + 日
        • 自 = 丿 + 目
  • Extra Character: 手

20 Characters to practice:
四, 囗, 儿, 弘, 弓, 厶, 折, 言, 扌, 手*, 斤, 口, 原, 頁, 白, 小, 自, 八, 日, 目

NOTE: The class itself covers more details, including:
(1) “Extra” characters that are not part of the Four Great Vows, but are highly relevant to it. For example, Lesson One includes the character , which is related to the “radical” . (We’ll talk about radicals, too!)
(2) The meanings of the characters and components will be discussed in class.
(3) How to draw each character and component one stroke at a time will also be covered.
(4) And we’ll discuss tricky characters that are very similar to each other, such as: 囗 and 口; and: 白, 自, 日, and 目.

Here is a link to the whole 2 hour class, which took place on Saturday, November 5, 2022:

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