Confucius asks about everything. (Analects 3:15)

When Confucius entered the Grand Temple, he asked about everything.
Someone said, “Who said Confucius is a master of ritual?
He enters the Grand Temple and asks about everything!”
Confucius, hearing this, said, “This is the ritual.”
[Analects, 3:15]

Both the Chinese text and the translation above are from Charles Muller’s online “Analects of Confucius”:

子 = master
入 = enter
大廟 = great temple

每事 = everything (literally: “every” + “thing”
問 = ask

或 = someone
曰 = said

孰 = who?
謂 = say, tell
鄒 = ????
人 = person/people
之 = this(??)
子 = master
知 = know
禮 = ritual, propriety
乎 = sentence final interrogative particle

入大廟、每事問。 = He enters the grand temple and asks about everything!
子 = master
聞 = hear
之 = this

曰 = (and) said

是 = this
禮 = ritual/propriety
也 = also, too; emphasis

Here’s a great video about Confucius from Bryan Van Norden:

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