A good friend at the end of life

When such a foolish person is dying, he encounters a good teacher and gives him all kinds of comfort, in order to teach the wonderful Dharma and instruct him to recite the Buddha . The good friend said, “If you can’t recite that Buddha, you should be called the Buddha of Infinite Life.” With such a sincere heart, he keeps his voice incessant recitations , he is called Namo Amitabha. Because of the name of the Buddha, in the thought of it, the sin of birth and death for eight billion kalpas is removed.

南無阿彌陀佛 (Homage to Amita Buddha in Chinese Characters)

Transliterating Sanskrit with Chinese characters is pretty interesting. Here I’ll look at one significant example: how to write “Homage to Amita Buddha” in Traditional Chinese characters. First up is “homage”, which can also be translated as “bow to” or “take refuge in”. The Sanskrit for this is नमः (namaḥ) or नमो (namo). This is transliterated […]