Baizhang’s Fox at CBETA

One of the main reasons I wanted to track this down is to take a closer look at the question that is at heart of this story: 大修行底人還落因果. “Does a person of great accomplishment return to falling into cause and effect?” What is a “大修行底人”, and what does it mean to “還落因果”?

Different recordings of Master Uisang’s Song of Dharma Nature

This one is by Geumgang Seunim doing the chant one time. The pronunciation is a little clearer than in the one where she recites it 21 times (see below): Geumgang Seunim again, reciting it 21 times: A very clear recording from Dongbong Seunim (apparently this is from “Standard Buddihist Chant Song Collection Album […]

금강스님 (Geum Gang Seunim)

降魔眞言, 항마진언, hangma jineon, vanquish demons mantra
옴 소마니 소마니 훔 하리한나 하리한나 훔 하리한나 바나야 훔 아나야 혹 바아밤 바아라 훔바탁
[om somani somani hum harihanna harihanna hum harihanna banaya hum anaya hok ba-a-bam ba-a-ra hum ba tak