More resources for studying The Four Great Vows

• Make your own practice sheets:
Make your own character practice sheets at
Make your own character practice sheets at

• You can also just buy books of ready made blank practice sheets. Personally I recommend “Mi-Zi-Ge” style with big squares, like this one available at Amazon:

• Tuttle’s flashcards are really nice. BUT NOTE that they use SIMPLIFIED CHARACTERS. When there is a difference, the flashcard will also show you the Traditional character:

• Reading and Writing Chinese: A Comprehensive Guide to the Chinese Writing System. Also from Tuttle. This actually comes in two versions:
Traditional Character Version
HSK Levels 1-6 Version (using Simplified characters)

• Two not free HSK online classes that look legit:
Everyday Chinese 101 at Everyday Chinese

Classical Chinese for Everyone: A Guide for Absolute Beginners by Bryan W. Van Norden
“In just thirteen brief, accessible chapters, this engaging little book takes “absolute beginners” from the most basic questions about the language (e.g., what does a classical Chinese character look like?) to reading and understanding selections from classical Chinese philosophical texts and Tang dynasty poetry.” Highly recommended

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