Four Great Vows Flashcards (file for download) UPDATED Nov 19, 2022

NOTE that this post has been updated as of November 19, 2022. It now has the new version of the flashcards, along with an “errata” version for anyone who already printed out the previous version (the “errata” file just has the new cards). Also, if anyone really wants a LibreOffice version in .odt format, just leave a comment and I’ll post add it (otherwise I won’t bother).

The file is designed to let you make your own flashcards with 90 Chinese characters that are relevant to the study of the Four Great Vows. One side of the flashcards just displays the character, while the other side has the pinyin, the meaning, and, if applicable, the decomposition.

Just print the file out on two sides. It’s best to use card stock (~60lb) paper. You can cut the cards out using scissors, but I would suggest getting a cheap (<$15) paper cutter.

The file is available in either Word (.docx) or PDF format.

Word (.docx) format: fourVowsFlashCards_v2.docx

PDF: fourVowsFlashCards_v2.pdf

Errata: fourVowsFlashCards_v2_errata

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