“A cave and a grave are not two.”

心生故種種法生, 心滅故龕墳不二
“Because of the arising of thought, various phenomena arise; when thought ceases, a cave and a grave are not two.”
Master Wonhyo

心 mind, thought
生 born
故 (gù) cause, reason
種種 (zhǒng zhǒng) all kinds of
法 dharma, thing
生 born
心 mind, thought
滅 (miè) destroy, extinguish
故 cause, reason
龕 (kān) shrine
墳 (fén) grave
不 not
二 two

Here is an excellent article about Wonhyo by Charles Muller.

Shine to Wonhyo in Bunhwa, Korea; Attribution: Alain Seguin from Ottawa, Canada, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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