“These words seem to be correct and yet are wrong.”

The Mirror of Seon

有人云, “自心淨土, 淨土不可生, 自性彌陀, 彌陀不可見!”

此言, 似是而非也.

佛無貪無嗔, 我亦無貪嗔乎!

彼佛變地獄作蓮花, 易於反掌, 我則以業力, 常恐自墮於地獄, 況變作蓮花乎!

彼佛觀無盡世界, 如在目前, 我則隔壁事猶不知, 況見十方世界, 如目前乎!

是故, 人人性則雖佛, 而行則衆生, 論其相用, 天地懸隔.

People say, “Your own mind is the Pure Land, so you cannot be born in the Pure Land; your own nature is Amitābha, so Amitābha cannot be

These words seem to be correct and yet are wrong.

Buddha has no craving or anger, so do I also have no craving or anger?

Buddha transforms hell into lotus flower (realms) as easily as turning over his hands, yet I always fear falling into hell because of the power of karma, so how can there be this transformation into a lotus flower (realm)?

Buddha contemplates the endless worlds as if they were in front of his eyes, but I still do not even know matters beyond the intervening wall, so how can I see the worlds of all directions as if they are in front of my eyes?

Therefore, even though everybody’s nature is Buddha, since in practice they are sentient beings, if we refer to their attributes and functions, they are as far different as heaven and earth.


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