Korean Buddhist Chanting by Bhikkhuni Gumgang

First she does the Thousand Hands and Eyes Sutra. She starts right off with the mantra to purify speech (suri suri mahasuri….), that is, she does not include the “invocation” at the beginning. Also, she recites the Great Dharani three times, which is very cool. Other than that it is almost exactly the way that Zen Master Seung Sahn taught this chant (there are a few places where her pronunciation is clearly different).
Second, she chants Kwan Seum Bosal. This is rather different from the way Zen Master Seung Sahn taught it, but it is really nice. She does include the Mantra for Extinguishing Fixed Karma – but not the other mantras.
Third she chants the Heart Sutra.
Fourth (and finally) she chants the Mantra of Light 108 times.

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